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Early script embossing Hemingrays.

Above you will see a relatively common piece with uncommon features,this glass is over 120 years old but rarely do you see them with champagne fizz bubbles like this!

                                                      EYE CANDY SECTION


Here is a nice early Canadian threadless.CD742.3 MT Co.These are a base embossed threadless.


One of the harder to get CD123 EC&M Co telegraph insulators.These were actually nailed to trees in the Sierra mountain range to run power over the mountains rather than use poles.


I pulled this sweet steamy baby down off the Hawken valley line about 8 years ago,the piece is mint and is about 80% steamy,milky swirled glass.


This olive green B beehive is almost threadless!When viewing this one in person you really can see how crude and junk filled this insulator really is.


Not a junk in glass piece but still a super sweet piece of purple Canadian glass.


Another neat collection people are aquiring are the CD162 signals,they come in a large number of colours but rarely have objects in them,unfortunately.


Who doesn't like a threadless?Nice CD731 in light blue.These date from the 1860 era and are some of the easier threadless to come by.


This Hemingray No 9 has a very unusual conglomeration of bubbles right in one area of the insulator.Very cool looking piece!


One of two found out of a batch of 500 made,this 2005 Mid Ohio mini has two huge black bubbles in the glass caused from pieces of wood burning in the glass when it was poured,the wood burning caused the black soot in the bubbles.


Above is a CD113 Hemingray No 12 in a steamy,milky aqua.These insulators in steamy colours are becoming a hot and desireable item.


The Canadian insulator companies sure gave us good colours!


Now THIS is what I call colour!CD 145 HGCO K mould in a blazing fizzy bubbly orange amber.This is one of the most sought after HG beehives in the hobby.