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Early script embossing Hemingrays.

I just recently got this piece from Jason Porter,check out that long tail comet in the light blue glass!Great display piece and highly desireable because it is in light coloured glass.

                                                  Fantasies in glass!


Above is a pair of exceptionally rare Harloe's patent claws.There is the CD 206.5 large claw and the CD 109.5 baby claw.Anyone who has the pair is extremely lucky to do so because these book around $3,500-$4,000 each.Unfortunately,the big Harloe has had a rough life with the top being cracked and about 60% of the skirt being repaired and the baby claw has had part of the claw top rebuilt with resin at some time in the past.I am just extremely fortunate to own the pair!


The above piece is an incredibly snowy and bubbly CD121 AM TEL & TEL CO insulator.These pieces are not commonly found and book in the $100 range.This piece was an "overlooked" eBay piece.


It looks like someone took an old quilltip inkpen with black ink and drizzled this Brookfield.



As seen in both pictures above,these bubbly Hemingray 12's come with different sizes of bubbles,one is micro fizzy and the second one has pinhead sized seed bubbles in it.These are hard to find pieces and extremely awesome when seen in light!


This cool insulator is a carnival coated insulator by pyrex.Many of these carnival pyrex are huge,but this one is about as tall as a CD104 Pennycuick pony.When I got this in,I was expecting a 15 pound parcel,but the box and insulator only weighed 2 pounds.What a surprise!


Look at the boogers,coccons and fizz in this Erricson Telegraphos.Only in a foreign made piece.

Another really gorgeous insulator,this one below is so cram packed with snow and champagne bubbles that it is almost opaque!


This nice pair are both Brookfield made.The one on the left is a CD110 and books $400 while the one on the right is a CD147 and books at $5.Why such a major value difference?The CD147 was widely used right after it's patent but the 110 was not so widely used.The CD110 is downright rare!


Murph's law...All the good one's are usually chipped.Case and point,the Hemingray 40 with the veils and strings of steam and bubbles.


When collecting,I tend to like the champagne bubbly pieces.Below is a Hemi blue Hemi 19 that is crammed with micro bubbles,finding these with this much fizz is not too common.