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Water photos
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Insulator Photo Album
Early script embossing Hemingrays.

These pictures were taken in water and dynamically show the character of these insulators.

This has to be one of the most spectacular Brookfield insulators I have ever seen!Loads of steam and gunk have been folded into the glass from dometop to base on one side only.Looks like it was raked with claws!


One killer CD 121 CANADA that is full of bubbly spit swirls,milk,and seed bubbles.What a stunning piece! 


These CD155 Hemingray - 45's are extremely common,but not this one!Crammed full of thousands of tiny champagne bubbles,this is a very rare occurrance in newer Hemingray pieces because of perfected glass pouring techniques eliminating the bubbles.Also as an added bonus,the embossing "Heming" is only 3/16th " tall with the rest of the embossing "RAY-45" being almost 1/4" tall.Obviously 2 different sized letter stamps were used on this mould.


Another wildly fantastic insulator,a CD121 AM TEL & TEL CO in champagne bubbly green aqua.The inside of this piece looks like a fresh goblet of bubbly was just poured.This was a missed goodie from eBay,overlooked by everyone else because of a poor picture.


Another incredible piece.Picked this bad boy out of a bucket full of commons,scrubbed the dirt off and was stunned!Tons of pinhead sized seed bubbles plus very primitive and crude to boot!


This was a real treat.I snagged this diamond Canadian pony at a shop and noticed it had carbon lines and veils of micro bubbling from domeside down to the middle of the skirt.Fantastically shown details in this photo!


Anyone who has collected for as long as 6 months knows that almost all Hemi 40's found are plain and boring,but once in awhile you find one worth something.This one is packed with snow and micro fizzies giving it the alka seltzer look.Awesome in a water display!


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