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Tips on keeping sunfish and Bluegills in aquariums

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On this page are pictures others have submitted for this site.

Wild fish in the home aquarium!

Mr. Dave Covington submitted these pics of his fish he keeps in his aquarium.Note the super nice largemouth bass and quillback silver carp!All native N American fish that can usually be found in almost any climate and lake.
The quillback carp is named that for the high "quill" on his dorsal fin.These fish,unlike their lake cousins the common carp are mainly a river only fish.


Another pic of Dave's fish.These are silver Crappies,they are in the same family as sunfish, just a different specie of sunfish compared to bluegills and bass.


Another pic of Dave's silver Crappie and what looks like a common bluegill.Notice how well he has his tank bottom set with rocks and plants,these fish like this type of cover and setting,this is what they are used to in the wild.