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Tips on keeping sunfish and Bluegills in aquariums

History / Background
History / Background
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A little insight on what makes me tick.

Why I chose this unique hobby.

I decided to choose keeping wild fishes as a hobby about 3 years ago when my mother started a koi pool in her back yard. I kept some of the koi and golds in an aquarium at my house over winter and while doing so kind of acquired an interest into dabbling with non domesticated fish, and with bluegills and sunfish being most common went with that. Now I keep my sunfish, which have gotten considerably larger in my big tank and some goldfish for my 2 year old son in another.

My Background in insulator collecting.

I initially started my insulator collecting hobby in 1978 when I was seven years old. I lived next to a rail with abandoned glass laying on the ground. So that is where the first "spark" came from, that now, 29 years later has turned into a full blown fire with a lot of thanks to many good friends around the globe and the internet to make a huge world accessible from home.
I really enjoy the neat hobby, good friends and history that has come from collecting the glass telephone and telegraph insulator. Maybe my son will carry the collecting torch after me.