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Chris's telegraph insulator sales gallery.
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Welcome to my insulator sales gallery.

On the following pages I will be offering a wide variety of glass and porcelain insulators for sale.I have been in the insulator hobby 30 years and selling since 1992.I started selling at a flea market and have since 2006 grown into a fully fledged business of providing excellent insulators for new and the advanced in this great hobby.
Enjoy and please contact me with any questions.

If you have made it this far,thank you and now I will share some other things about my business.On eBay,I am known as Hawken Valley Railway Collectibles and my eBay ID is Radar U.Not only do I buy and sell insulators,but I am also a headhunter.You mail me with a special insulator you're looking for and I can probably find it.

The most vluable insulator in my inventory is this CD 219 O'Brien's patent Brookfield.

This sales site is under construction,so please be patient as I have many quality insulators to list! The fun is just beginning because unlike eBay,you do not have to bid! Just contact me and tell me which you would like.
Please contact me with any requests or questions at....