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Chris's telegraph insulator sales gallery.

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Glass insulators pg 1
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This page is the beginning of the insulators I offer.I have over 1,000 different insulators in stock from $2 to $2,000.I offer American AND foreign as well.

These are from Columbia,South America and are a very uncommon insulator to find.Each are hand poured and pressed.No two are alike in colour or character.
Beautiful and scarce coloured insulator.CD 154 Zicme in fizzy purple.V NM.Very little damage and diasplays V V NM.
Asking $230.


To the right,another CD unassigned Russian flat top in emerald green with amber.Has numbers reverse embossed 3,C,B and 49.Inner skirt is nicely underpoured.Has a small cooling hairline in the dome and a fleebite at the mouldline.Displays mint. $90 + shipping.



CD unassigned to this emerald green Russian.Really a good looking insulator and a smaller insulator.V V NM condition.$90 + shipping.


Tiny Russian cabletop.This one is a sharp teal green colour with ALOT of micro bubbles and light amber swirls in the base.There is a CD for this but I am not aware of what it is and it is not listed in GIFONA.V V NM condition.Displays mint. $90 + shipping.